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Do you have wireless, Wi-Fi or battery cameras?

All our cameras are wired for reliability and security.

Do you have monthly fees for remote viewing?

No monthly fees or subscriptions are charged by the Bonnier Group.

What are your installation deadlines?

Our installation times are 5 to 7 days.

Do you carry out residential installations?

Absolutely, the Bonnier Group carries out residential, commercial, institutional and industrial installations.

Do you install alarm systems?

No, the Bonnier Group specializes in the sale and installation of surveillance camera systems.

Are surveillance cameras in a condominium legal?

Surveillance cameras in a condominium are legal and are installed primarily to secure the building and its occupants.

How can a surveillance camera system help me in my environment?


Keeping an eye on your investment

Control operations remotely

Control and manage time wastage

Secure staff Security for CNESST files

Maintain quality control

A deterrent effect on theft

Control inventory entries and exits

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